The Art of Selecting an Enterprise E-commerce platform

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The Art of Selecting an Enterprise E-commerce platform

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries of today. As people are moving towards online platforms, so are businesses. Are you thinking of setting up an enterprise E-commerce store?

Well, the process won’t be simple. You must first choose the best enterprise e-commerce platform out there. While there are an array of options for E-commerce stores, the list of top enterprise E-commerce platforms 2018 has to offer is comparatively short. Once you reach a certain revenue mark, small platforms are no longer suitable for your operation.

This is when you must choose a quality enterprise e-commerce software from the options available. Here is how you can go about it.

Understand your requirements

To decide which of the top enterprise E-commerce platforms is perfect for you, you must first understand what your requirements are. To better understand your demands, assess what your current platform lacks. Ask the following questions:

  • How is your current E-commerce platform limiting you?
  • Why are you re-platforming? Are you doing it to enhance your scalability or reduce cost? The answer to this will determine whether you need an excellent solution like Shopify or free e-commerce platforms.
  • What are the features that the platform must have to ensure smooth operations?
  • What integrations do you need? (Including ERP, CRM or WMS)
  • What way do you plan on selling your product? (bundling, configuring, advanced subscriptions)

On-premise vs. cloud solutions

You must also decide whether you want a platform that is on-premise or one which uses a cloud solution. Generally, the latter is preferred due to its better performance, better security, and scalability. However, you can’t customize these platforms as much as an on-premise enterprise E-commerce software.


When conducting an E-commerce platforms comparison, it is important to look into customer support and maintenance features of the platform. Why? This is because the last thing you need is your E-commerce shutting down for maintenance or facing lags. In both cases, a prompt customer support system and fast maintenance support can make all the difference.

Shopify- The best choice

When you conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison, you might find Shopify to be one of the best options out there. The fact that it is scalable means that you don’t need to think twice before expanding operations. At the same time, the packages are very affordable, hence being usable by small and large businesses alike.


Select the best Enterprise software. Expand your business.

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