Enterprise E-Commerce Software: A Tool That’ll Change the Way You Do the Business!

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Enterprise E-Commerce Software: A Tool That’ll Change the Way You Do the Business!

Market of ecommerce platforms is highly saturated. Yet, narrowing that list becomes easy when you’re looking for enterprise level solution.

Not every platform can best suit your ecommerce business. While, some would work best for your venture, others won’t. As soon as your business grows and begin making $5 million in annual revenue, simple ecommerce operations will instantly become intricate.

Here’s what you should know, if you own an enterprise-level business:

Make a list of your business needs

Before you embark on searching the right enterprise ecommerce software, do your research. Assess your operations thoroughly. Draft a list of your necessities. Put a bit of thought like, are you seeking a system that can help you keeping up with inventory and process all of your orders?

What type of inventory you’ll be selling?

Are you putting a beverage on sale or are you selling a beverage that’s available in twenty different colors and flavors. If latter is the scenario, these types of details are vital for your ecommerce site. And, the ecommerce platform you’re going to pick out of many options should provide you with such feature. The platform should also offer a recurring sales option so you can process repeat orders.

Shopify As Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

When budget isn’t issue and you are merely seeking for a place where selling products requires little or no technical background, a fully hosted SaaS solution – Shopify is worth considering. However, Shopify offers some limitations at the backend while it’s front-end is flexible.

An enterprise-level plan of Shopify Plus will cost you around $2000 per month. The more you put add-ons, the more additional costs you will pay. The interface is also very simple and easy to navigate.

BigCommerce Enterprise

Another noteworthy option for those who wants to choose a simple-to-use, scalable and a fully hosted platform is BigCommerce Enterprise. Being a Shopify’s competitor, it has many remarkable features to offer. BigCommerce enterprise tops out from Shopify with their customization ability and one-page checkout feature – which assist in more conversion rates. However, BigCommerce enterprise drops back Shopify in integrations, themes and add-ons. Price of BC Enterprise comes at range of $900-1500 a month.

So, Which Is The Best Enterprise Ecommerce Software?

The widespread of ecommerce platforms gives you plenty of options to choose from. Conduct an ecommerce platforms comparison on various features like ability to customize, affordability, scalability, bandwidth, number of apps, how much technical knowledge and user experience is required. These are all aspects that you should consider when selecting the enterprise ecommerce software.

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